Recycling Services

Reclaim. Restore. Respect. 

Use our recycling facility to discard your concrete, brush and asphalt. Contact Us to learn more.

Why Recycle?

Over 3,000,000 tons of C&D waste are generated in South Carolina each year. Construction and demolition recycling services help reduce the amount of waste that enters our landfills. 

Carter Recycling recycles over 80% of the C&D waste that enters our facility. Because of the large amount of contaminates diverted from entering landfills, many of our customers have met LEED certification requirements, giving them a competitive edge in their industry. 

The Carter Recycling Difference 

With over 50 years experience in construction and demolition, S.H. Carter began offering recycling and disposal services in 2008 to divert the large amount of contaminates entering our landfills. 

Now, in 2012, our recycling services reclaim over 80% of the C&D waste that enters the S.H. Carter facility and convert it into reusable products and energy. 

Why choose Carter Recycling services?

  • Our experienced team provides efficient recycling and disposal services to help you achieve waste recycling credits (LEED, Earthcraft, LEED for Homes)
  • Our local landfills will have more longevity for future generations

What do we recycle?

We provide recycling services of the following materials: wood, brick, cardboard, metal, concrete, asphalt.

Recycling Process

  1. Construction debris loads are transported to S.H. Carter Recycle Center to be sorted by material for recycling.
  2. Loads are dumped out and separated according to correct material by our equipment and employees.
  3. Loads are separated into these separate material categories: wood, concrete, metal, sheetrock, cardboard, bricks, asphalt, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.
  4. Segregated materials are either processed into a recycled product at S.H. Carter recycle facility or they are sent elsewhere for future processing.

Recycling in Action

New waste enters the Carter Recycling facility every day to be sorted and processed. View our videos below to see the recycling process in action.